Friday, May 1, 2009

April Medical Happenings

April 2009

Besides Joshua’s arm, there seemed to be a lot of broken bones this month. Unfortunately we don’t have an x-ray machine in town, so most of these patients have to travel to Caazapa for help.

A drunk man fell off his motorcycle and broke his shoulder.

Arsenio broke a few ribs climbing over a fence.

An elementary student was pushed on the play ground and broke his upper arm.

A motorcycle accident brought a baby with a gash on his forehead and his mother with a broken collar bone.

Two women collided on motorcycles. One of the ladies was sent to Caazapa (45 minutes away) with a possible broken leg. The second lady was 9 months pregnant and the crash started her contractions. When she came to the clinic at 9:00 she was 5cm. She wanted to deliver in Caazapa but since this was her 4th child, the nurses persuaded her to deliver at the health clinic. Most women want to deliver in Caazapa (can you imagine a 45 minute bumpy bus ride while in active labor?). Those who cannot afford a bus fare deliver in town with a mid-wife. Deliveries at the clinic are few that it stocks nothing to help in such a time. Thankfully Jeff had ordered a “birthing bag” from International Aid which had everything he needed….drapes, gown, multiple gloves, amniotic hook, pads, bulb suction. Jeff let one of the nurses catch the baby, but she was going to do it in her dress clothes. Jeff said, “Wear this gown.” The nurses were all in awe of this concept and they all wanted to feel it. After the delivery Jeff wanted to thrown the bloody gown away, but one of the nurses stopped him, “We’ll wash off the blood and re-use it for future deliveries.”

A lady was kicked in the ear by a cow. She is lucky that only her ear cartilage was damaged (it was split in two).

We were woken up at 6:30 for Jeff to stitch a man’s foot where a tree had fallen on it.

Jeff pulled out a moth out of a lady’s ear – alive! I asked if it was like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Jeff diagnosed twins while doing and ultrasound. This will be the lady’s baby #13 and 14!

Jeff and I gave physicals to about 60 school kids.

Jeff stitching up a lady's ear

Jeff teaching about the body of Christ to those waiting to see him

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Jenifer Davidson said...

How much more amazing can you 2 be???? I think everything you do is great...from the moth in ladies ear to the creative cakes you bake for your kids. I cant wait to see yall in a few months!