Friday, May 15, 2009


Today is Mother's Day in Paraguay...Aren't I blessed to be able to celebrate TWO special days!!!

by Amy McKissick

For mothers who grab McDonalds on their way to gymnastics practice,
who are hoarse from cheering at high school football games,
who sew elaborate Halloween costumes and spend a fortune on their daughter’s wedding dress,
who search for just the right gift to give on Christmas Day
And for those who don’t.

For mothers whose kids go to bed hungry, who are hoarse from yelling at disobedient children,
who have no money to buy new clothes, and whose daughter becomes a mother but never marries,
who has nothing special to give on Christmas Day

For mothers who read stories at bedtime, who pick up toys off the staircase, who waken in the middle of the night to comfort away a nightmare,
who rush sick kids to the ER and kiss scraped knees,
who serve warm cookies after school
And for those who don’t.

For mothers who cannot read to their children,
who pick up bottle tops and plastic tubes their kids call toys,
who comfort their kids in the daylight where nightmares are real,
who pull remedies from the garden because there is no doctor,
who work all day in the field and bring food home on their back
For mothers who hold pudgy hands, change mounds of diapers, and wipe endless faces, who comb tangled hair and who tie and retie sneakers,
who sing about Jesus and tell stories of his love,
who frame photos for the wall and paste them in an album,
who attend PTA and help with science fair projects
And for those who don’t.

For mothers whose arms are empty and mourn without anyone to hear,
whose kids have mud in their hair and whose feet have never seen shoes,
who haven’t heard about Jesus or knows he loves the little children,
whose pictures are only in the form of memories,
whose kids do not go to school and never learn about science

For those who work 9-5 and those who run carpools, those whose quiver is full and those who are mothering alone, those who love life and those who cannot find the strength to carry on, those who cry tears of joy and those who cry tears of deep sorrow, those who laugh and those who love, and for those who have nothing and those who seem to have it all.

Your message is the same.
He loves you. Is 54:10, 1 Jn 3:1 He cares for you. Matt 6:25-32, Matt 10:30
He created you and knows the number of hairs on your head. Is 46:4, Ps 139:13, Matt10:31 He watches over you. Ps 1:6, Ps 33:14, Ps 121:3
He knows your needs. Is 58:11, Mat 6:32 He calls you by name and he delights over you. Is 45:3, Is 62:4
He has adopted you into his family. Rm 8:17
He comforts you. 2 Cor 13:4 He strengthens you. Is 40:31, Phil 4:13 He heals you. Is 53:5, Jer 30:17 He seeks you. Is 62:12 He forgives you. I Jn 1:9 He redeems you. Is 54:5 He is your mother and your father. Is 66:13, I Jn 3:1
He is your husband. Is 54:4 He is your friend. I Jn 15:14 He is Jesus.


Fiona L Cooper said...

Very special, Amy. Well done!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Wow. Thanks. Today's not Mother's Day, but today I needed this. :)