Saturday, May 30, 2009


Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday, we arrived in San Francisco in the afternoon. We unloaded at our house, prayed as a team, and then took the students to their new homes. I know from my experience Guatemala that staying in a home is a scary thing because you have no idea what to expect and can communicate only through gestures. Jeff and I have prayed so much over the families that we selected. We purposely chose families who were not involved with the church. We pray that these families will see Jesus through these students.

The group

This morning we met at our house at 8:00. Boy, did the students have a lot to share about their first night in rural Paraguay...rooster wake up calls, finding the outhouse with a candle, sleeping with lights on, going to be at 7:30, trying to identify meals….and the list of “news” went on and on. Everyone seems to be happy with their host family and I can already tell that God ordained some great matches.
After our cultural and language sharing, the team met our teammates, Tony and Jean Floyd. They shared their testimony of how God called them to missions and to San Francisco. They also explained a bit about the church planting ministry.

Next we switched gears and the students practiced injections on bananas and oranges. So now they are ready to tackle screaming, wiggling kids on Monday. The students are divided into 2 groups (A and B). Group B came back to our house at 2:00 for clinic. Unfortunately it was raining (and has been since last night) so only one patient showed up. But Jeff took advantage of that time to teach the students to take blood pressure, pulse and respirations and looking in each others’ ears. He also taught them to draw blood for anemia testing (they practiced on each other).

Practicing on oranges

David practicing giving injections


Doug Kranenburg said...

What a great God we have! The blog is a blessing. I am praying each and every day that God will greatly use this time in the hearts and lives of the students, as well as in the lives of those they minister to. Thanks so very much!

Ronald said...

Hi Jeff and Amy,

Thank you for sharing the photos and comments for the Cedarville team. Our children (though we recognize each is an adult, they will always be "our children") are very fortunate to have the example or your obedience to the Lord's call and service in His name.

We are Caitlin's parents but know most of the team members. Please let them know we miss them but pray for them to be focused on their service to the families in and around San Fransico and supportive of your efforts in His name.

May all you do bring glory and honor to His name.

Ron & Jennifer