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Monday, May 24, 2009

One of our desires during the TIME trip is to introduce the students not only to the work that we are doing in San Francisco, but also to the work that God is doing throughout Paraguay. We also want them to understand a little about SIM and what it means to be a part of a missionary sending organization. This morning Tom Stout, one of our co-workers, did an excellent job of sharing on those topics.

At 11:00 we loaded up and headed for the Eco Reserva Mbatovi. After pouring rains on Saturday and Sunday, God gave us beautiful weather! After eating empanadas in Paraguari, we hiked through the rain forest, walked on wire bridges, zipped over the canopy on a 150 meter long zip line, and rappelled a 60 foot cliff. The highlight was when David got ¾ of the way across the zip line. He got plenty of time to enjoy the view as the guide crawled out to him, wrapped his legs around Davids body, climbed up his torso and repositioned the mechanism.

The adventurous group

Julia hanging around

Paul rappeling

Just a side note about the car…
Oh, by the way, the drive shaft mentioned in the previous entry (that cost a pretty penny to buy) apparently wasn’t the part we needed. Jeff and I have always joked that the garage we used to fix our car would fix one problem and rig something else to break. Now, it seems as if we may have been on to something. In preparation for selling, Jeff took the car to an electrician because the automatic locks weren’t working. He showed Jeff a plug (behind the steering column) that had been taken out. In his opinion there is no way it would have fallen out – someone had to have physically stolen it – and all roads point to our mechanic’s shop. At that time, Jeff realized that he was more than an electrician and asked about a few other problems. He noticed that the other place has been putting the wrong kind of oil in our transfer case. That explains so many of our car problems (which has included a new transfer case)! We just cannot understand because they are the dealership representing the GM model cars here in Paraguay! They are the ones who told us that the drive shaft was the problem. The new guy printed off schematics of our car and explained in detail to Jeff about its workings. He also explained that the drive shaft wasn’t the problem. He was gracious enough to install it to prove his point. Good news, is that he can fix the problem. Bad news is that we have to wait until we are in Asuncion next – July 3rd. Until then we are stuck (hopefully not literally) without 4 wheel drive.

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