Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only in the last two months has Mariela (the same girl we through a birthday party for) come back to live with her mom. She immediately noticed a difference in the way her family (extended family too) prayed. She began asking questions and coming to church and Bible study. She told her cousins (all pre-teens) that she wanted to be baptized. They told her that she needed to first ask Jesus to come into her life and then led her in a sinner’s prayer! Today we had the awesome privilege of witnessing her dying to her sin and being raised up alive in Christ!

Again I had a full house Sunday afternoon. We made donuts, which are a novelty here. I couldn’t help but use the analogy of a “hole in our heart” which only God can fill. They thought it was funny because I had a flashlight without batteries and I kept trying to fill the hole with money or a boyfriend (Ginny’s Polly pockets), clothes, and a car. Obviously nothing made the flashlight work until I put batteries in it. Why? Because that is what the hole in the flashlight was made for. We have so many desires and wants, but nothing can fill that void in our hearts but Jesus. Our hearts were made for Him!

Mariella's baptism

How many kids can fit on one slide?

Amalia tasting a doughnut for the first time...yum