Sunday, May 10, 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2009 (celebrating a week early)

Joshua lives for birthdays. He measures all events by where they fall in the list of his sibling’s birthdays. The minute we finished celebrating Joshua’s 5th Monkey George birthday, he asked for a Grinch 6th birthday party. The entire year he did not waver from that decision.

So today some of his friends gathered to celebrate Joshua’s 6th party, but there was a problem. Sometime in the middle of the night the Grinch came and stole Joshua’s birthday. So the first thing the kids had to do was find the balloons, decorations, cake and party bags, and party games (good thing he left clues as to where the things were stashed). After everything was found and the kids decorated the room we played “put the bugs on the Grinch’s teeth”. Next the kids tried to toss a ball into tin cans to find the candy that the Grinch had hidden. After we ate sandwiches, French fries, and fruit salad on green plates and drank green juice out of green cups, we ate green cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Although I had been dreading making a Grinch cake all year, it actually turned out very cute (can the Grinch be described as cute?). Joshua had a great time and so did his friends. Tonight Joshua prayed, “Thank you, God, that the Grinch stole my birthday and that we were able to find it again. Thank you for my Cat and the Hat birthday next year.”

Happy 6th birthday Joshua!

playing games

Eating green cake and green ice cream

Very Grinchy good bags


Jenifer Davidson said...

once again..another fabulous birthday party given by you. What a great mom!!! Happy Mothers Day to you and Happy Birthday to Joshua.

Liz said...

What creativity!!! What fun!! Sorry I missed it!!
Maybe we can just have a "Birthday Party for the fun of it" when we are all together!