Monday, September 24, 2012


There are many steps in church planting.  One milestone is forming a church constitution. This has been a big project for Jeff, the elders and deacons. 
Two Sundays ago the elders gave each family a copy of the constitution and asked each to carefully read it, bring up any questions, and then be willing to sign an agreement.  
Last Sunday those in attendance come forward one by one to sign.
We paise God for his continued blessing upon Iglesia Ka'aguy Oke (Forest Door Church).  Ka'aguy was the first name of the town (now it is called San Francisco). 

Please continue to pray for the elders and deacons, the church members and those they are discipling. 

We praise God that for a couple new Bible study groups have recently formed and an older group is so big it needs to split. 

Next week there will be a big encuentro church service with FOUR baptisms!

God is definitely at work in San Francisco!

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