Friday, September 7, 2012




Last night late into the night we were still madly stuffing clothes, toys, pots, pillows, anything and everything into duffle bags and rubbermaids.  Julia screamed the whole time, ruffled by the chaos. 

Today we were up by 6 packing, cleaning, taking things off the walls and loading it all up.  We loaded furniture into our friend’s big truck and packed our Excursion inside, on top and in a trailer.  The mobile clinic was also packed inside and with our grill on back.  The two missionary families helping us loaded their cars down as well.       

                        We arrived at our new house at 1:00.  After a quick empanada lunch, we set to work unloading and organizing.  One benefit of having missionaries help is that they know what they’re doing.  They have years of experience of packing and moving.  I am amazed at what we were able to accomplish in one day! 

                        Now it is 8:00pm.  Everyone has just left and we are enjoying a meal provided by a team mate.  I am looking forward to crashing into my bed (which was lovely made by a team mate) and diving into tomorrow’s work. 


8-31. The high school had a good-bye party in our honor.  There was traditional Paraguayan dancing, singing and guitar playing.  There was food, fellowship with the teachers and kind words spoken over our family and Jeff for his service to the community.  It was very sweet and thoughtful.


9-1. This is my 3rd morning to wake up to my beautiful new view and gorgeous colors of the sun rise. The past couple days we have been adding cabinets and shelves, fixing the plumbing and installing the hot water tank (both jobs turned out to be half a day’s work).   The outside/patient bathroom is done and the outside of the house is painted a pretty spring blue color. 


The kids have done great.  They love our new house.  Today they have been playing with missionary kids, neighbor kids, our landlord’s kids and kids from I don’t know where.  I love hearing my kids laughing and speaking Spanish/Guarani. 


9-4. We’re still finding things to be done.  A friend hung a screen door yesterday and another helped me finish painting cabinets.  Jeff hung the lattice on the quincho and made a gate.  The kids helped to clear all the trash, bricks and wood that was laying around the yard.  Most important, my washing machine finally works (a part broke in the move).   

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