Sunday, September 9, 2012


In August, Micah stopped sucking his thumb.  For the past 2 years we’ve tried every kind of bribe, reasoning and threat to get him to stop.  Nothing worked.  Nothing worked until he cut his thumb on a saw and he decided (on his own) that he didn’t want to suck it and get it infected (or infested, as Micah says).  So there you go.   


In August, Ryan (who is 12 years old) became taller than his mama.  He couldn’t be happier about it. 


Our dog, Comet is pregnant.  We didn’t really want her to get pregnant this time around, but where we live it is impossible to keep the male dogs away.  The kids are thrilled and have already been thinking up names for the pups.

While looking at baby pictures, Tyler saw himself as a baby on the beaches of South Padre Island.  “I miss those days,” he said.  Ryan quickly added, “Tyler, you don’t even remember those days.”  “I know,” Tyler said.  “That’s why I miss them.”

I made these skirts for Julia and her friend, Sammy.  It was my first time attempting something like this.  They turned out cute and were quite easy to make.



Christie said...

Great job on the skirts, and the kids are all just adorable, as always. :)

From my full heart... said...

Sweet pictures! I'm impressed by the skirts, too! I haven't gotten brave enough to actually try making clothes :)