Tuesday, September 4, 2012


8-16. We were given a pig (dead and gutted and without the head) as a good-bye gift by a neighbor.  We were planning a game night with the kids, but Jeff instead had to spend the next 2 hours carving up the pig.

8-17. Jeff saw his last patients here in San Francisco.  Now his time can be dedicated to the new house and all that still needs to be done before we move it.  It feels as if we’re building from scratch rather than making improvements.  There’s a lot to go!

8-18. Jean (our team mate) helped me paint the kitchen/living room with help from 2 Paraguayans. I was going for an off-white color. However, we were very disappointed that even after the 2nd coat of paint, the original turquoisey-green still showed through. We walked away speechless and with my walls being mint green instead of off-white. Thankfully Greg (a team mate) was a professional painted before turning missionary and he was able to offer help. He even offered to buy the paint I need to hind the green. He lives 2 hours away, so somehow this week we will get the paint here and I can start again.

How many kids does it take to paint the corner of the house?

Why Micah is wearing a bathing suit and a skeleton costume shirt I’ll never understand!

 Joshua is sad that our inside walls are STILL green!
Even Julia got in on the painting action.
Friends from San Francisco helping

After painting all day, we went to a good-bye party in our honor.  The church grilled up A LOT of pork.  One of the church members killed one of her pigs for the occasion.
Look at all that great pork! and that was only 1/2 of it.

8-19. We had a great church service.  A new couple came.   Then we ate more grilled pork for lunch as the missionaries threw a surprise good-bye party for Jocky (a short termer who has been here filming).

8-20. Jeff and Dan (team mate) put filled in all the holes/gaps in between the wooden plank walls.  What a big task!  They also made a loft which will be Ryan's room.  While they were doing that, Sarah (a team mate) and I painted my cabinets off-white (to match what the walls are supposed to be).  The second coat was still streaky, so again we called Greg again and he came to our rescue.  He’ll go to the paint store again and buy what we need.  I decided to paint the outside of the house a spring blue color (why not, right?), so there went another call into Greg and another run to the paint store for him.  I think he must have screened his calls after that!  I am so thankful to serve on a team of servants!

8-21. Jeff added doors. The electrician and plumber have wired and piped. My beautiful windows and new cabinets (made by a friend in Asuncion) are in and look great.

8-22. Our quincho is up!
Ginny prayed last night, “Help our big family as we move into a tiny house.”  I am beginning to get a bit anxious wondering how all our things will fit (comfortably) into our new place.
8-23. My walls are no longer mint green thanks to oil based paint and team mates.

8-28. The chicken coop (or "chicken poop" as Micah calls it) is done.  The bedroom walls and the walls of the “multipurpose” room are painted.  Rough edges are sanded.  Beds were disassembled and reassembled at the new place.  Sarah and I spent a half day cleaning our new place.  My house in San Francisco is a mess and full of boxes.  Tomorrow we move!

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Christie said...

Lots of progress! I'm glad you conquered the green walls. Funny how much difference a few thousand coats of Paraguayan paint make, huh? ;) I can't believe how much Julia has grown... I almost didn't recognize her in these pictures!