Wednesday, September 26, 2012


September 9, 2012
It was 4:30 when I went next door to Marina’s house/store front to buy ONE thing – tomatoes for our pizza.  As protocol, we chatted for a bit and I tried to seem not in a hurry.  Finally I felt it appropriate to mention what I wanted to buy.  She offered for me to sit down while she weighted and calculated the order.  I explained that I couldn’t stay because I hoped to go walking with a neighbor a 5:15.  She asked if I’d used the pre-made shell she gave me to make a (Paraguayan) tart.  When I said no, she called her daughter (who is my age) to bring over potatoes for me to use in the tart.  While we waited for her daughter, Marina showed me her orange trees and proceeded to whack down a bag full to give me.  When Lida arrived she brought not only potatoes, but eggs and chipa for me as a gift.  Chairs were brought out, a bottle of orange Fanta was opened, conversation was started, and I guessed it would have been rude to say, “If I leave now, I can probably still go walking with my neighbor.”  So I didn’t.   We talked as it grew dark outside and I knew I had missed my walking opportunity. 
I tried to leave saying that I should be getting home to begin dinner.  Lida said she would walk to my house with me and have Jeff look at her sick daughter.  Lida scurried off into a room as I began gathering my things and walking towards to the door to leave.  Someone realized that I had missed a cultural cue and informed me that Lida was talking a shower first.  Another chair was offered and another glass of Fanta was poured.  When she was finished, I again began making my way toward the front door.  It was then that I was informed that I couldn’t go quite yet because Marina hadn’t finished sifting my corn meal.  The truth is, she hadn’t even started sifting it because she’d been talking to me.   Finally at 6:30 I made my way home with Lida and her daughter, Marina and two other girls following behind me.  They sat and visited till after 7.  We finally ate our pizza about 8:30.  

This is my neighbor, Marina and her daughter, Lida. We were invited to help celebrate her granddaughter’s 2ndbirthday. Ronaldo (all the way to the right) is Lida’s son.

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