Friday, September 12, 2008

About Water

September 8, 2008

It was the second time this lady had visited our house for medical help. Her symptoms were the same as before: tachycardia (very fast heart beat). Her pulse was 220 beats per minute and as a result she was dizzy, weak, and out of breath. Three months ago, because Jeff has no medicines to lower the heart rate, he tried a few “different” techniques. First he explained the Valsalva maneuver – “plug your nose and a close your mouth and try to blow out both”. That didn’t work so Jeff massaged the sides of her eyes. And then, since those didn’t work he had the lady lay in the fetal position and he did an anal sweep (yes, it is just what it sounds like). Can you imagine what she was thinking about this crack-pot of a doc? Her heart rate never did go down so he sent her to the nearest hospital in Caazapa (45 minutes away).
I was surprised to see her today - back for more torture! Paraguayans are naturally fearful of being in water so I am sure her heart rate jumped even more on hearing the news that Jeff wanted her to plunge her head in a bucket of ice water (to stimulate the dice reflex and lower the heart rate)! This lady was a good sport and she did it (after several false starts)! She came up after a 10 second count she said she felt so much better – “Like I just woke up.” Her heart rate went back to normal.

Wednesday September 11, 2008

The water spot on the wall under our quincho (thatched covered outside area where we eat all our meals) kept growing and growing. Now not only does a grey cloud span the entire wall but water is also seeping into the brick floor leaving a five feet damp and moldy perimeter. Two other walls (one in the kitchen and one in the hall) that touch the bathroom are also affected leaking pipe. We had had this problem “fixed” twice before – once before we moved in and once about one year ago. Here goes round three…..third times a charm!

The outside wall under our quincho

Wednesday September 11, 2008

Matthew 25:35, 40 “….I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…..whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

It isn’t uncommon for a stranger to stop at my gate, clap to get my attention, and ask for a glass of water. I’ll fill up a cup and hand it over the fence. The person drinks 3/4th of it and pours the remaining water on the ground (a custom). The person will hand the empty glass back and head on their way.


When Jeff has afternoon clinic at our house I set out a bottle of water and some cups for those who are waiting on our porch. It can get pretty hot here and no one stays hydrated. It is something simple that I can do and I really didn’t think much about it until a couple months ago when I went to visit a family. The man said, “I know you. I went to your house for medical help. You were so sweet and gave water to everyone.” He began talking to his family going on and on about how hot it was that day and how wonderful I was to give out water. I pray that one day he will know the Living Water!

John 4:10 – Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

Patients waiting on our front porch for medical help


This afternoon Jeff had clinic at the house. About 5:00 a woman and her two year old toddler entered the gate and sat on the porch to wait for Jeff. Micah had just woken up from his nap and walked outside. Within a couple seconds he brought me the bottle of water and a cup that I had sitting out for patients and said, “Agua”. I poured him a cup. Instead of drinking the water, he headed outside. I watched as he handed it to the little boy. Next Micah came in and took a bowl from our cabinet and pointed to the bread sticks. I put five in his bowl curious as to what he was going to do. Sure enough he went outside and passed them out to the boy and his mother.

Micah - two weeks from turning 2 years old

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