Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Dental Mouse

September 14, 2008

Joshua found an old dried cow jaw bone on the road yesterday and brought it home. He worked for a long while pulling out the 8 or so teeth still in the jaw. When I asked why he said that he was going to put them under his pillow and see if the “dental mouse” (Paraguay’s equivalent to the North American tooth fairy) will come and bring money. Sure enough, that night Joshua slipped those cow teeth under his pillow. Jeff thought it would be funny to replace the teeth with monopoly money. Needless to say, this morning Joshua was disappointed to find fake money and did not see even the slightest bit of humor in the exchange. Jeff’s point to all of us at breakfast was – you cannot pull a fast one on the dental mouse!

My Joshua - crazier in more ways than one!

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Abbie said...

That's hilarious! Joshua is so funny! I can't believe they call it the dental mouse! That's totally creepy- not like the tooth fairy isn't, I guess. Great idea with the Monopoly money!