Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ginny Says....

“Can you get the nuts out of my hair?” (knots)

“Don’t let the egg shelf fall into the cake.” (egg shell)

“I love Asuncion because we can go to Pizza Hunt.” (Pizza Hut)

“I want a Buzz Like Year.” (Buzz Light Year)

“Is he called Dark Vador because he is black?” (Darth)

“I put my cup on the corner top.” (counter top)

“I want to play the comp-piano.” (talking about the piano but I think she was confused with the com-puter.)

“Joshua, if you don’t give that to me then I am not going to marry you anymore.” (We had a talk about that one.)

As we were getting ready to go to a funeral I told all the kids to behave – no running, laughing or loud talking. I mentioned that it would be appropriate to look sad. As we got out of the car Ginny turned to our friend and said, “Mommy wants us to pretend to be sad.” During the funeral Ginny saw tears in my ears and she commented, “You are a very good pretender.”

“Snow Rabbit is my pet, just a normal pet and not to eat.” (like our ducks and chickens)

Ginny: “I wish I had a broken leg.”
Mom: “Why?”
Ginny: “Because then when Joshua and I pretend to have broken legs then I would really have one.”
Mom: “But it would hurt so badly. It would itch under your cast and you’d be uncomfortable. You wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that you enjoy like ride your bike, run, climb, swim and even walking would be hard.”
Ginny: “Ok, I’ll just wish for a broken arm instead.”


Abbie said...

Good idea to write down all the funny things she says! I might copy you. It isn't very long until they start saying everything the "right" way and I'm afraid I'll forget the cute stuff. Ginny's funeral one is my favorite. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Amy! I'm glad you found my blog! It looks like you have a wonderful family and ministry. I will add you to my bookmarks and keep up with you!

I love the Ginny sayings. I have a "jabber journal" for both of my children. They all say so many cute and sometimes profound things. I love to look back and remember.

Leah lives about 3 hours from me, and is pregnant with her second child. I will send her to your blog!

Max said...

How fun to hear some of the things she is saying! Give her hugs from Oma and Opa.