Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Wednesday, June 6th 
 We packed up and got on our way, arriving in San Francisco about 1:00.  We ate lunch and Jeff and I shared about the church history in our town.  At 3 we began dropping the students off at their homes. 

Thursday, June 7th 

It is always fun to hear about the first night in their host homes.  Everyone was full of stories as we gathered at 8 this morning.  One went to a wake, another attended a birthday party and another saw a pig being butchered.  One couldn’t find the shower, another couldn’t find the hot water and another didn’t have toilet paper and had to improvise.  Last night was the coldest night we’ve had and the students had to sleep in many layers.  Their host homes don’t have insulation, there are cracks between the board walls, and they have cement floors and tin roofs....all of which equals pretty cold sleeping arrangements.          
            Today half the group was in the clinic with Jeff.  They saw a variety of things.  They enjoyed learning how to work the ultrasound machine and did a couple procedures.  The other half of the group went door to door in another community and handed out audio Bibles.  They enjoyed seeing the joy on people’s face when they realized that this Bible was free and they could now listen to the word of God in their heart language.
            This afternoon we went to a neighboring community, Jataity, for a mobile clinic.  Half stayed and worked with Jeff and the other half went visiting with me.  We visited the family that we did a 6 week evangelistic Bible study with.  As we sat around drinking mate, they asked us to come back Sunday afternoons in order to bring them more of God’s word.  Praise God!
            When clinic was done, we started back home. When I had almost reached San Francisco in the car, Jeff called to say that the mobile clinic was stopped (his lights, engine and brakes weren’t working!).  I turned around and met him on the road (he was quite a ways behind me).  Then I got to do something I had never done before – I got to tow someone.  It was slow going (we crept at about 5 miles per hour or less) and a bit scary (especially since Jeff had no brakes and it was all on pot holed dirt roads).  What should have taken 7 minutes took 45 minutes. We pray it can be fixed before next Thursday’s mobile clinic.
 Mobile clinic in Jataity
 The sweet girl pouring us mate. 

Andy drinking mate and trying to stay warm.  It was cold once the sun went down.
Jeff and Drew assessing the situation once the mobile clinic stopped working.

Friday, June 8th
             This morning the groups flipped and the half that was with Jeff in clinic yesterday spent the morning handing out audio Bibles and the group that passed out Bibles yesterday spent the morning with Jeff.  In the afternoon we had our first class time.  We had given the students a few articles to read about language learning and Paraguayan culture.  We had a great discussion.  At 6:00, the students attended a Bible study in our town.
 Drew eating an orange - we're in the middle of citrus season.
Gracie, Jessica (Gracie's host sister), Tara and Liz

Saturday, June 9th

            The youth group met at 12:30 to make cabure, play volley ball and ping-pong.  A couple of the guys ventured into the world of piki-volley (kind of like a two on two volleyball but you cannot use your hands).  Youth group overlapped a bit with kids club which started at 3.  It was a packed church yard with kids (and adults) of all ages and I just loved it. 
the girls helping make to dough

cooking the cabure

eating the cabure.
some of the precious kids we get to serve at kids' club

coloring at kids' club.

Jeff and Andy playing piki-volley (volleyball without hands) 
Some of the students’ host siblings took them to a San Juan party. San Juan parties happen in every town (no matter how small) and multiple times all this month. Basically it involved young guys dressing up in disguises and acting ridiculous. There’s a lot of fire involved – a fire soccer ball, a fire bull, and a hung mannequin filled with fireworks. There is also a lot of alcohol flowing and dirty dancing happening. The students were quickly reminded that San Francisco needs Jesus!

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