Friday, June 8, 2012


June 3.  We packed the car inside and out and headed to Escobar (about 2 hours away) to the Bowen’s house.  Andy and his wife, Lizet have been very instrumental is teaching us Guarani and encouraging the calling God has for us.  Again there was little time for rest as we jumped right into an expectations class to get us all started on the right foot.  We went over greetings, meal time and terere etiquette, money, dress, our (very flexible) schedule, expected attitudes.  We also went over the goals we have set for them while they are here and their homework assignments.  Oh yes, this is not a trip for slackers.  We have put together a book full of articles on language, culture, missiology and medicine.  During class times throughout the week, we will be discussing those articles.  Each student was given Preach and Heal and are expected to read it while they are here.  After dinner we had worship (how wonderful it is to sing in English), a devotional thought by Jeff and student testimonies.  We all stayed up to watch The Mission (a movie about the Jesuits in Paraguay).

This is how we roll...everything on top and 14 of us stuffed inside.

June 4.  We began our second day in Escobar with a ropes course.  At Mbatovi we donned harnesses, gloves and very attractive helmets.  We then walked on a series of swinging bridges, zip-lined over a beautiful canopy of trees and repelled about 20 meters.  Back at Andy’s house and after lunch, the students had their first of two crash courses in Guarani.  We love that this is not a class so much for the students to master Guarani while they are here, but the fact learning helps us remember how Jesus entered our world – as a humble baby who would be raised speaking the heart language of his people, not the language of the wealthy or the religious.  In Paraguay, you can get by with Spanish in many situations, but Guarani is the heart language of those we work with.  Dinner was followed by games, chatting, and another devotional where we head Andy and Lizet’s testimonies and more student testimonies.
 Listening to the instructions.
Ryan, Tyler and I about to head out.

The group 
 Liz swinging above the trees.
 Andy hanging out on the zip line.
Drew on the zip line.

Tara getting ready.

Tyler was finally old enough to do theropes course.  He loved it and showed no fear.
 Tyler found a friend.

Austin going over the edge.

Gracie's heading over.

June 5.  The interns had a morning class of Guarani.  After lunch there was a little break to go hiking or take a siesta.  In the afternoon we met again for a class on Paraguayan history.  After dinner we ate s’mores around a camp fire.
Class time with Andy Bowen.

Austin trying to make some of the strange sounds of Guarani.

Drew and Andy doing their devotional.  We gave each student a devotional guide to work through while they are here.  Before the trip, we sent them a two week devotional guide to help prepare their mind and heart for the mission trip. 

Our kids LOVE having the TIME students around.


Ken Hagerman(The Barba) said...

We envy you guys. Our initial idea for our work in Paraguay was similar to T.I.M.E. God move us in a different direction so we live vicariously through yall.

We have been to Mbatovi but it was the Saturday before my heart valve replacement and I nearly died coming out. It was summer.

Christie said...

Wow! I'm not sure if I'm more envious of the fun time at Mbatovi (I really enjoyed it even though Ken almost died... hee hee), the Guarani classes, or the meal at LIZET'S TABLE! MMM MMMM! Sounds like everything's off to a great start. :)