Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Our cat seemed extremely hungry this past week.  We decided to treat her for worms, and while we were at it, treat Julia since she eats enough dirt to build a mud hut.  I don’t know if the medicine was effective on our cat, but it worked on Julia.  I was sure glad that Jeff had diaper duty that time! 


May 27, 2012

            Two very tangible ways I measure the maturity of the church here in San Francisco is: entire families are now coming (before someone always had to stay back to guard the home) and now we have a crowd even when there is the threat of rain (everyone walk or rides motorcycles and we meet outside). Today, we woke up to clouds that looked ready to burst.  In the middle of church, the rain began to come down.  All 50 of us moved to the only covering – a 5x10 extended roof.  No one complained or left.  We just worshipped God a little closer together and prayed a little louder as to not be drowned out by the thunder.


May 28, 2012

The past month Jeff, Ryan and I have given every Jr high and high school student in our town physicals.  They have come class by class every couple of afternoons.  We have an effective routine - I take their blood pressure and pulse, next Ryan weighs them (we’re both on the front porch) and lastly, they see Jeff in the clinic/van.  Today, however, our automatic blood pressure cuff didn’t work and I had to do all 33 pressures and pulses manually.  The challenge was listening while a chain saw worked in the background, dogs barked at passing squealing pigs, motorcycles zoomed by, students chatted 5 feet from me, and my children played in the yard. 

The teacher was so gracious for our help that she gave us shirts.  She had a lady in town make us their typical ao-poi (fine thread) shirts to look like a scrub top.         

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