Tuesday, June 26, 2012


June 16th and 17th
Saturday was a marathon homeschool catch up day for us.  i only saw the students a couple times as they pooped in for a bit.  With one drop in visit, they brought a guy who needed stitches on his toe.  A couple of the students got to throw some stitches.  In the afternoon they attended youth group and then watched a movie at our team mate’s house.  

Sunday, right after church we pied into the car and headed to Yuty.  Our team mates’ church plant cooked up a great pork bbq (for Father’s Day).  Afterwards, Christie shared about animism in Paraguay.  We again loaded back in the car, reaching the El Tirol hotel at 6.  We ate dinner and played ping-pong for a couple of hours.  Next we can to our room and began a game of Balderdash.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a looooong time! 

this is the cool hotel where we stayed.

                        Half way through the trip we like to bring the students here for a time of debriefing and seeing the Jesuit ruins.  It gives them a little break in the routine and a relief from new language, new people, and new foods.  We also enjoy spending time with the students playing games in the evenings since back in San Francisco we don’t like them to stay away from their host families past dark (which is like at 6:00).  Jeff and I are kidless these days.  Our wonderful team mates (2 families) have taken our children.  Man, it was tough leaving Julia (for the first time) even though I know she is in good hands.       

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