Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday, June 15th

This morning the students that weren’t in clinic with Jeff helped me around the house.  You can imagine that with all we have going on, there is little time for anything else (cooking, cleaning, homeschooling).  I put the students to work doing those things!  Andy review science with Ryan and then cut chocolate chips, Tara made 6 loaves of lemon bread, and Andy squeezed lemons and thoroughly cleaned my stove top.    
At 2:00 we pulled mandioca at a friend’s farm, ate oranges and sugar cane.  At 4 we began classes.  This evening the students are headed to Bible study and another San Juan festival.

This is my sweet friend, Acela, peeling an orange (Paraguayan style)

sugar cane

 pulling up mandioca - a staple food around here.

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