Thursday, June 28, 2012


June 23-24th

Saturday we went to a friend’s house and rode a horse.  In the evening we showed a movie, Courageous at the church.  Just as Jeff arrived at the church, he was needed back at the house.  There was a motorcycle accident and a large chunk of our friend’s thigh was torn all the way to the bone.  Jeff was able to stop the bleeders but had to send him to Caazapa (Jeff didn’t have enough stitches).  After spending 2 hours with the accident victim, a very drunk and very noncompliant guy showed up.  A piece of the motorcycle hit a guy in the head and he came all bloody.  He tried to  pull out his stitches and threw it in the dirt!
This was Andy's first time on a horse.

Drew sure looked like he knew what he was doing.

 Austin had a little mishap on the horse.

Of course, this little 4 year old showed us all up!

Everyone stopped to watch the American show!

We stopped at the blanket lady's house to pick up a couple finished products.  Andy helped Floria finish a woll blanket.

Sunday we had church at 8 and Bible study at 5.  Some of the students went with us to Bible study while the others stayed behind with my kids.  

Sunday Tara had an adventure of her own as she travelled to a nearby town with her family.

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