Monday, June 18, 2012

Thursday, June 14th

This morning while one group was with Jeff (they have tons of patients), the other group went to visit a sweet lady Jataity.  The students helped clip our chicken and ducks wings and Liz helped us cut the meat off the pork bone.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to have an afternoon mobile clinic there today since the mobile clinic is still not starting.  Instead, the students filled their time playing volleyball and soccer and later singing together and Tara’s host family’s home (they are a very musical family).
Class time: discussing articles on mission, missions, Catholicism, and other topis...and drinking terere

We have there TIME students doing everything from injections to clipping chicken wings.

I love that Ginny is giving a tutorial for Drew.
 Drew and Liz giving it a try.
 Liz and Gracie
 Gracie and Drew
Drew and Gracie giving it a try.

This is how our pork comes.  Jeff was glad Liz showed up at our house at the perfect time to help carve it,

Tara's host father and sister singing for the group
 Tara and Gracie's host sister cooking
Gracie and her host sister, Jessica

This week 3 students spent the night with us (on different nights).  By the end of the month all 6 students will stay with us.  We like to create an opportunity to spend time one-on-one with the students and to give them a chance at a warm shower and a North American meal.  Some of the students have tried some pretty interesting things at their host homes.  But I guess they might say the same thing about our of the students gave his host family beef jerky.  Not knowing what to do with it, the family cooked it in a stew.  Then they proceeded to try to cut the strips with their fork and knife.  Drew was laughing too hard to try to explain the error.         

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