Thursday, June 16, 2011


Saturday at 6:30 we watched a pig being slaughtered. It got a lot of ooooohs and eeeeews out of the girls. Jeff wanted me to take mental notes because he’s planning to kill one of our pigs (not Vern). I ordered a back leg and some pork chops. Ginny ordered an ear (which she boiled and ate). I also took some pork skin home for the students to practice their suturing skills later this week. None of the pig parts are wasted. The fat is boiled down to cook with, the skin is used in a specific dish, blood sausage is made with the intestines, the head and feet are boiled and then munched on, and the liver, heart, etc are chopped up and put into soup.

Rachel posing next to the pig's head.

Virginia preparing to cook the organs.

Using a saw to cut uo the meat.

Today is San Juan Day, a dual holiday from Spain celebrating the summer solstice (pagan sun worshippers) and St. John the Baptist’s Day (religious). During a two week window even the smallest of towns will celebrate with a festival. Tonight we joined the festivities at the high school. Guys dress in white poncho type shirts, sheets/rags wrapped around their legs and their head and face covered with material (holes were made for the eyes and mouth) and act crazy. First, they played “pelota tata” (fire ball) where they drenched a ball in kerosene, set it on fire and played soccer. Next, several Kambas (as they are called) tried to climb a pole covered with soap. Then the “toro kandil” (flaming bull) made an appearance. A kamba with tent-like structure over him chased other kambas. Protruding from the tent was a pole with horns on fire. The Kambas then had a mock dance competition. And then we watched “Judas kai” (the burning of Judas).

Jordan helping her host sister, Ani, prepare caburre for the school fundraiser. Rachel went over to help too. Here's the recipe:
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Equal parts corn meal and flour (about 1.5 kilo)

Pig fat

Grated cheese

3 eggs



Add Milk and water until it becomes a dough consistency

Knead well and roll into baseball sized balls.

Cook on a broom stick over an open fire.

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