Saturday, June 18, 2011

WEEK of June 14

The interns had the same basic schedule as last week: working with Jeff or visiting in the morning and devotional or class time in the afternoon.

Brea's host mom and sister


Tuesday Jeff taught the interns to suture. They practiced on pig skin.

Wednesday we went to visit Na Tunia, a cripple in our community. We “helped” her chop fire wood with a very dull machete while she laughed at our efforts. I think she could have done it faster!

We also visited my friend’s farm. We munched on sugar cane as she Acela showed us how to pull up mandioca and dig for sweet potatoes.



Brea pulled up the biggest sweet potato

Acela, my friend and our tour guide

Sugar cane

The weather has been super nice, so this week we didn’t freeze during Thursday’s bible study.

During their stay, each girl is assigned a night to stay with our family. It is a way to give them a little break from their Paraguayan home and spend one-on-one time with them. This week Jenny and Jordan had a turn.

Also, this week our computer crashed. Thankfully, we had most documents and pictures saved on an external hard drive. However, it has been a hassle trying to reinstall all our programs (especially with our slow internet).

Tyler and Micah have especially loved having the girls here to entertain. The girls have all spoiled them good!

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Naomi said...

Looks like the interns are learning a lot! What a blessing you all are to them! We used to love eating sugar cane in Kenya. Eat some for me.