Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(short) WEEK of JUNE 22-24th in SF

WEDNESDAY is rained a bunch and their was little patients. In our town, when it rains, things (including school) close down and people stay at home. Unfortunately, Jordan is sick again, poor girl.

THURSDAY the girl took a tour of the health outpost. That evening we had to quickly end bible study due to the impending storm.

FRIDAY some of the girls and I went visiting, since the rain finally had let up.

Two of the girls gave testimonies this week for the patients waiting to see the doctor. The other 3 will do theirs next week.

Rachel and Brea spent the night this week. We played games – Bananagrams and Settlers.

In clinic this week the girls did on ultrasound on a mentally handicapped lady that has been sexual abused multiple times and is now pregnant. They consulted with a man who’d recently had a stroke. They saw TONS of high blood pressure, diabetes, and menstrual abnormalities.

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