Thursday, June 30, 2011

WEEKEND of JUNE 25-26th

It was the plan (before we knew that it would be so darn cold) to have a youth reunion Saturday from 3-5. Before the event, I was lamenting to the interns that probably no one would come due to the cold and rain. Paraguayans normally do not venture out in cold damp weather. An hour later I was praising God that around 20 youth came. The 4 guys played ping pong outside with Jeff and the rest of us (girls) squeezed (and a tight squeeze it was) into my tiny living room. We played the usual games like Uno, Jenga and Uno Stacko, but we also played funny games like: balancing blocks on a tongue depressor in your mouth, moving a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, and picking up marbles with chopsticks (that was a suggestion from our Taiwanese intern).
It was a lot of fun and the girls laughed a bunch. They had so much fun that they all came back the following day, SUNDAY, for more.

SUNDAY was cold as well and I stayed home from church with the kids (how’s that for a fair weather missionary?) Sunday afternoon a bunch of girls squeezed into my living again. This time they listened as the interns gave their testimonies. It was a very powerful. I pray that the words spoken will penetrate the hearts of the listeners!

Next, we celebrated Jenny’s host sister’s upcoming birthday. Jenny made a cute flower cake.

Jenny making a cake for her host sister

Rocio blowing out her candles

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