Thursday, June 30, 2011

WEEK of JUNE 27-30th

MONDAY and TUESDAY were still very cold and patients trickled in. The group that wasn’t seeing patients braved the elements and went visiting with me. We had some great conversations.

MONDAY Jordan’s host family gave a mini concert for the girls. Her host family is very musically talented – they sang and played the guitar.

Jordan and her host family

MONDAY Sarah spent the night.

TUESDAY we were all invited to Sarah’s host family’s house for dinner. Before and after the meal, we huddled around a charcoal fire to stay warm.

Sarah's host sister preparing dinner

Sarah with her host sisters

Jenny has been craving rice while she has been here

WEDNESDAY was bible study.

We’ve continued to have classes in the afternoons. We’ve given each student the book Preach and Heal by Charles Fielding, MD. They’ve been reading through it and then we’ve been discussing it together.

A couple of the students have cooked for their host families. Jordan made pancakes (they were such a hit that she made them 2 nights in a row!) and Rachel made omelets.

Jenny got her first pique –a flea that burrows under your skin. It’s nothing to worry about…just dig it out. She was a good sport.

The plan is to leave at 7:00 FRIDAY morning. I am sure that there will be tears shed by some! We hope to arrive in Ciudad del Este by noon and have time to shop before catching the ferry over to Argentina. SATURDAY and SUNDAY we’ll be at the waterfalls.

Thursday and Friday it is suppose to rain which will make the dirt roads a muddy mess. Please pray for travel mercies as we cram all of us into our car.

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