Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yesterday the students walked with the nurses from the health clinic to several houses here in town giving injections. When we got together in the afternoon for class time, the students were full of stories. Last week, each student picked a disease (of the ones they are vaccinating against) to learn about. Today during class, they took turns presenting the information to the group.

While the students were giving injections, Jeff and I had a nice relaxing time visiting with Dan and Sarah who had spent the night. God has blessed us with an incredible team to minister with. How encouraging to be able to share our ups and downs and prayers and praises!

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Christine said...

Hello McKissick family!
I found your blog because I know David on the TIME team. His cousin is a friend of mine and she told me about the blog.
My parents were missionaries with ABWE in Paraguay until 1994. I've loved reading your blog and seeing how much Paraguay has changed... and how much it hasn't. It's also good to see the work going on there even today.
Thanks so much for sharing your life through this blog.