Friday, June 5, 2009


Friday June 5, 2009

This week both groups have had the opportunity to shadow Jeff in the afternoon clinic at our house. Both helped give physicals to PE students (60 in the first group and 15 in the second group). Each time the students manned 3 stations – blood pressure, height and weight and then Jeff listened to their hearts. Paul had to switch stations because he “gave” all the young girls racing pulses. And Julia had to endure friendly conversations as she “gave” all the young guys high blood pressure!

After the physicals, the groups saw many other patients in the van with Jeff. They helped with several ultrasounds on kidneys and pregnant ladies, have drawn blood for hematocrits and blood sugars, have learned to look in ears, do physical exams, give shots and do other cool things.

Wednesday (June 3) in the morning, the students went to Maria Auxiliadora to give shots with the nurses. Unfortunately today (June 5), ½ the nurses went to get their paycheck 45 minutes away, so the vaccination campaigns were called off (and for Monday too since the other ½ will be going to get their paychecks). They students had a morning at home.

Walking door to door with the nurses to give injections

Just like last year, each student is scheduled to spend one night at our house during their stay. It helps us to get to know the student better and hopefully provides a bit of a break from the Paraguayan culture. For example, Paul (who stayed Thursday) said, “It was just nice to be able to talk!” He also said that he thoroughly enjoyed a hot shower.

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