Friday, June 12, 2009


Both groups of students have had the opportunity to visit Pedro and Zulma and sip terere with them. A couple of the students had attending a Bible study at their house last week. Zulma has become a dear friend to me. She visits often and I (try to) visit her

Zulma has such an incredible story (you have probably heard me mention her several times in this blog). Close to 3 years ago, after our teammates wrote about Zulma and her family of 7 living in just one small room, a supporter sent money to improve their living conditions. Two years ago the (Paraguayan) church members spent time sawing, digging, and nailing together a two room house (the old “house” in now her kitchen). It was a delicate situation because Zulma hadn’t ever come to a prayer meeting (she had frequented Jean’s and my house asking for handouts) and we didn’t want her to feel obligated to come. We also weren’t sure of the possible ramifications in this poor barrio. Would everyone expect a home improvement? How can we help just one? What will neighbors think of Zulms’a new found blessing?

Soon after the completion of the house, Zulma asked for a Bible study to be started in her house. A couple of Paraguayan ladies committed to leading the study every Friday evening. Two years later, that study is still going and has grown to include several of her neighbors. In December 2008, at a mobile clinic, she prayed with one of the believers to receive Christ. Whenever Zulma came to the Sunday prayer service, she brought several women from her barrio with her. The men followed several months later and we were rejoicing that we had whole families attending and men were stepping up as the spiritual leader of their house. Of those families several are now baptized (including Zulma and her teen-aged daughter) and two couples have been married (after living together for several years). They are hungry to learn about God.

Only God could have known how building a small house could have led to such great harvest.

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gpdesignsart said...

I had no idea! This is the visit we went on with Brian Cassels, right? I have BEAUTIFUL pics of the family/house!!! Praise GOD!!!