Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last year during TIME, God showed me several areas in my life where I was not walking in complete faith. Over and over he whispered to me…this is not YOUR trip….it is not up to YOU to make the students like Paraguay or missions…it is not your job to make them happy and give them a good trip…that is MY job. My flesh can be very persuasive at times and it was a lesson that I didn’t really get until the trip was over. So I have been praying (for almost a year now) that during this TIME trip I would be different. The result? God is so faithful! I have such a peace about what God is going to do (in spite of me!) that I can truly relax and enjoy the group. I have been better at seeking first His kingdom and I have seen that all the other things (the seconds and thirds…usually cooking and cleaning…on my priority list) have been added to me. I am still having time to incorporate home school* into all this craziness (not to mention packing and organizing) but I have a peace that if I don’t get around to those things this month, it is ok. God is big. He is in control. And I love it!

*In school last week I was teaching Ginny and Joshua about our bodies. I mentioned the significance of water and that without it, we would die. In all seriousness Ginny said, “Oh, so that is why mermaids live forever.” (Can you follow her rational?) Another time we were talking about our lungs. I mentioned that smoking is one way to damage our lungs and if our lungs are damaged, we cannot live. As if on cue, an elderly man holding a cigarette clapped at our gate. Ginny said, “Wow! He is old and he is smoking. Don’t you think he would have died by now?”

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Naomi said...

Ginny's comments were so funny!They were listening to you. I am glad you are enjoying the new team of students. We are looking forward to your visit!!