Thursday, June 4, 2009


April 2009

I love the way God works! We have several ladies in town who make beautiful cotton or wool blanks from hand. One lady in particular I have become friends with. I needed a blanket and put in an order. The problem is that it takes her 6 months (or never) to get one to me and I have given up several times in the past. I recently met another lady who makes blankets too. She showed me her two most recent creations and I fell in love with them and bought them both (I really only needed one). Well, wouldn’t you know that the very next day I get a message that Flori is done with my order – two blankets. I felt obligated to buy them and felt guilty later for buying three extra blankets.

Wednesday a friend’s neighbor’s house burned down. A ceiling fan caused a fire in the middle section of the house – their kid’s room. Their beds, clothes, and shoes were all lost. When I asked my friend what the family needed most she said, “They really need blankets.” I told her that I happened to have a couple I could give.

Tuesday, June 3, 2009

Today half of the group went with me to visit Flori. She served us terere and was very gracious as the students practiced their stock Guarani phrases with her. Then she showed us her “liso” (an old fashion looking loom). It takes her many days of work to wash and roll the cotton/wool into string and an hour to prepare the loom. Once all that is done, it just takes a day to make a twin sized blanket. I love her blankets. The cottons ones are so soft and the wool blankets are very warm. Most of the blankets are white, but sometimes, when she can buy old sweaters to unravel, she makes some very colorful ones.

While we were visiting, the second group shadowed Jeff at the health clinic. They had stories about taking blood sugars and drawing liquid from a man’s gouty knee.

We had class this afternoon. They had a couple of missions articles that they were assigned to read ahead of time. They spent class time talking about a biblical perspective of missions.

Visiting Flori


Liz said...

I remember visiting Flori and her Dad and buying blankets from them. Jami picked one of them as his gift and I sent one to my friend Cobb for her mountain cabin. I'm glad you can continue with that relationship and I am glad that Father knew there would be a need for the blankets!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog for the past week, and WOW! So much has been going on your way! I love your new family photo, and we're praying this session of students is blessed and learns all God has planned for them...

Shari said...

Hi McKissicks,

We are Bill & Shari Laswell (Alyssa's parents). We want to thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given Alyssa and the other CU students. We want to thank you for updating your blog as often as you do. It has been great to see pictures and hear how well they are doing. Alyssa has been having a great time and we are thrilled to be able to see some of what she is seeing and experiencing. Thanks again.