Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LETRADOITE (sneaky or crafty…a Paraguayan value)

Sunday I learned that it was little Marianna’s 2nd birthday and that the following day was her cousin, Diosnel’s 2nd birthday. Both families have become regulars at church and families that I enjoy talking with. I immediately thought that it would be nice to bless the kids with cup cakes (they had no plans to celebrate the birthdays). On Monday (Tuesday I was planning visit them) I made 20 cupcakes, put them in a rectangular container with a lid and set it on the counter. The TIME students were over Monday afternoon and my time was spent discussing a missions article and watching a video on Catholicism. At 5:00, when the students left I went to the kids’ room. All the kids were outside but in the room was the rectangle container that HAD cupcakes in them. It now had just two cupcakes – one had a bit taken out of it already! I put on my police hat and began interrogating the children. All signs lead to Micah, who never did admit it with his words – just his sheepish actions. It boggles my mind that NONE of the other 4 saw him eat EIGHTEEN cup cakes (I am sure our dog, Lady, helped out too) and leave no trace of crumbs or paper.

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