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Saturday, June 20, 2009

At 9:00am, a 40 week pregnant lady came to our house and wanted Jeff to check her because she had been in labor (with her 5th kid) since 5:00 that morning. She and her husband were waiting for the 12:00 bus to drive them to Caazapa. After and exam, Jeff was sure that she could not wait 4 hours till she arrived at the hospital. Since they weren’t from San Fransisco, they didn’t know anyone who could drive them, so Jeff offered. He made the mistake of asking our kids, “Who wants to go to Caazapa with me?” I have never seen all five kids get their shoes so quickly. Within seconds they were sitting in the car ready. Having a house all to myself does not happen too often. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cranked up the music and cooked without interruptions.

At 2:00 we had girls’ club (I am not really sure what to call it) at my house with both Paraguayans and the TIME girls. First we played spoons (always a favorite) and then we made pancakes. And then we just goofed off – making pyramids, doing camp-like activities and most of all laughing.

During all this, our team mates, the Terhaars, arrived. Bret (a veterinarian), Rachel, and their three kids (16, 14, and 9) just moved 1 ½ from us after completing a year of language school in Asuncion. At 5:00 we had a devo time with all the students. Bret and Rachel shared their testimonies and led us in worship.
After the devo, the students went to another San Juan festival (see previous post) to party.



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So busy always! So what music was it that you cranked? :)