Monday, June 22, 2009


Friday, June 19, 2009

Today the students came back from vaccination campaigns beaming. They got to stick so many people that they couldn’t keep track of the numbers.

In the afternoon group A was at our house for clinic and had a busy and exciting day. They got to help with a couple minor procedures and they got to throw a couple stitches each.

Group B was able to stitch last week during their clinic hours. A young boy had fallen off his bicycle and something (the pedal? the handlebar?) gouged him in the upper thigh.

One day during clinic two high schoolers came. The boy explained that his girlfriend (who was with him) was pregnant and he wanted to know if there was anything they could do to “reverse” the process. I am so thankful that they came to a Christian physician because Jeff was able to give them Godly counsel.

A man came in for a blood pressure control and Jeff noticed that one of his eyes were weepy and red. The man said that it had been that way for 6 years and he had no idea why. Jeff took a closer look, poked at the lid, and felt something small and hard. With a little pressure, Jeff was able to express a metal sliver much to the surprise of the suffering man.
A lady came to the clinic complaining that her eyesight in her left eye had been blurry for just the past three days. Jeff asked all kinds of questions and did an exam. He found nothing. He decided to ask her just one last question, “Have you ever worn glasses?” “Yes. But they broke three days ago,” was her response. In shock Jeff asked, “Did your eyes have different prescriptions?” “Oh yes, my left eye was really bad.”

Alyssa found a “friend” in her beans and noodles. She sneakily saved the grub worm looking creature for our show and tell time.

Paul was sure that he had eaten cow’s tongue for lunch but on closer inspect of the picture he took we realized it was the cow’s stomach lining (I’m not sure which is worse). Paul said, “I know have a new appreciation for our cafeteria food.”

Julia watched her family kill a pig for a Father’s Day lunch. And then the following days ate fried pork fat, pig liver and cow meat wrapped in pig skin (which was eaten).

Caitlyn made the mistake once asking her host mother where the fourth little chicken was that was following its mother the day before. Her host mom answered,”You ate it for lunch.”

Praise God, no one has been terribly sick.

We’ve an “Indian Summer” in the midst of cold and rain. It has been nice to shed a few layers and actually be hot. I know that the students appreciate the break from the cold. Their houses aren’t insulated very well (if at all), so when it is cold and damp, they are freezing. Alyssa sleeps under 6 blankets!

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