Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today we had our last mobile clinic (last for the students and for us). We went to Jacubo, a town we had been to twice before for clinics. It is the town where Pedro, one of our San Francisco believers, grew up. Seeds of the gospel were planted and took root years later when he moved to San Francisco. It is such a joy to watch Pedro give his testimony and preach to the crowd. There is urgency in his voice, wanting all “his people” to know about the change in his life.

Jeff saw about 15 people and the students were able to do several labs. Three San Francisco believers gave incredible testimonies of God giving them hope and peace after a traumatic childhood. In Jacubo there us a sweet pastor and his wife (she gave me a live chicken today as a thanks). He is willing to do the spiritual follow up of those seen in the clinic. How encouraging to hear that a lady who received Christ the previous time we were there has been faithfully attending church and now her husband has been coming.

After the mobile clinic we came back to our house for lunch. It was a big crowd – 15 adults and 12 kids. The Stirlings, team mates from Villarrica came up last night. They brought with them three short term English teachers. Over dessert, it was wonderful to hear all their testimonies. The TIME students have now met all but one of our colleagues.

Pedro sharing his testimony

David helping the pastor find a pair of glasses

Paul drawing blood

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